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In general, all season tires represent a balanced combination of summer and winter tires. These are designed to hold up well and perform in every weather condition offering a quiet and smooth ride. This type of tire uses a special rubber compound designed to stay flexible and grippy in hot and cold temperatures, but also to show responsive handling on wet surfaces. Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season is not an exception. In addition, engineers put an accent on sporty driving.

Above all, in the production of this tire, Goodyear uses a new rubber compound shaped into an asymmetrical tread design. Wide footprint distributes efficient weight showing outstanding wet and dry performance, with enhanced grip in ice and snow. While the special tie bars minimize the block/rib movement for high tread protection and a long lifespan. For safety reasons, a specially designed aqua hydro block model developed through hydroplaning simulation keeps your vehicle controlled and improves braking power for rapid stops even during heavy rains.

Moreover, Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season is present on the US market in a generous variety of sizes, beginning from 16 to 22-inch diameters. It is the best option for drivers with sporty driving in mind in all seasons. This model is the default year-round tire for vehicles like Volvo S90, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Lexus RX, Ford Mustang, and not only.

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality all season touring tire with stylish sidewall design.
  • Advanced rubber compound improves uneven tread wearing for a long lifespan and more money saving.
  • Innovative center ribs improve handling for a more dynamic feel in sharp curbs.
  • Strong and solid shoulders with full depth sipes deliver additional biting edges that keep your car on the road.
  • An asymmetrical tread pattern provides both speed performance and traction in all seasons.
  • Covered by a limited warranty of 50,000 miles.

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