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If you are looking for both reliability and good prices, then Green Max is the right choice. Their tires offer exactly what drivers need, so you can never go wrong with them. For example, their Optimum HP is a high performance tire that, depending on the size, can be used for touring as well. This model offers the latest features and fits great on passenger vehicles and SUVs.

Starting off, it benefits from a wide footprint that ensures a firm road grip for driver safety. We see a unique shoulder design that delivers outstanding traction while keeping the casing intact. Moreover, the lateral grooves allow for stable airflow to combat heat accumulation, thus resulting in a longer rubber life. Four linear grooves expel water from the tread area for a low risk of aquaplaning. The Optimum HP takes advantage of three main central ribs that evenly distribute weight, therefore allowing performance even under load pressure.

Additionally, the advanced rubber compound resists high temperatures for reliability. Durable sidewalls protect the inner part from road hazards, increasing mileage. The modern patch design enhances driver control and vehicle stability at a maximum speed of 149 mph. Numerous siping all over the tread creates a strong surface contact all the time. This also boosts the braking ability on dry and wet pavement. By using the latest tech, Green Max guarantees great comfort and fuel efficiency for driver peace of mind.

Above that, this model is available in many major sizes from 14" up to 18" rim diameter. According to satisfied customers, it is a great fit on cars like Audi A8, Ford Mustang, and Hyundai Azera.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable high performance tire that offers high traction power.
  • Modern five rib design boosts vehicle balance and steering ability.
  • Four linear grooves combat water buildup for a safer ride.
  • Black sidewalls protect the inner part from damage.
  • Durable rubber compound fends off uneven wear.
  • Great comfort and road silence due to the latest tread features.

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