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Trust is built over time, so Green Max has been providing quality tires over the years. This makes them a very trusty and reliable producer. Let's take their Optimum Sport HP, which is a high performance model that secures high traction and long rubber life. Green Max made the best use of modern tech to release the ultimate product for passenger cars and SUVs.

Firstly, this tire features a unique asymmetric tread pattern that delivers excellent road grip. By using the reliable five rib design, the Optimum Sport HP ensures great performance under load pressure. Four wide linear grooves make sure no water remains in the footprint, thus lowering the risk of aquaplaning. The smart shoulder shape provides great casing integrity and traction on the highway. They are supported by stiff sidewalls that shield the inner part from lateral damage. The sidewalls also allow for better handling, especially in sharp corners.

Secondly, the advanced rubber composition resists higher temperatures, therefore combating tire deformation. This model benefits from an optimized spread of sipes that add extra biting edges for constant surface contact at speeds up to 149 mph. The lateral grooves create ventilation for the hot air, contributing to a longer tire life. Moreover, by using computer design, Green Max is able to increase comfort levels and lower road noise, offering a cozy ride. Also, the low rolling resistance that this model delivers greatly optimizes fuel efficiency.

Finally, the Optimum Sport HP comes in limited sizes. Many customers recommend it on cars such as Mercedes-Benz ML, Ford Mustang, and BMW X3.

Features and benefits

  • Budget friendly high performance tire with reliable features.
  • Innovative asymmetric tread design ensures great traction.
  • Modern sipe shape increases the grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Stiff sidewalls protect the inner part from road hazards.
  • Four grooves expel water from the tread area.
  • Advanced rubber compound delivers a long tread life.
  • All new technology boosts comfort levels and reduces noise.

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