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Green Max is well known for their quality products that smart drivers look for. One of them is Optimum UHP, which is an ultra high performance tire that also has a reasonable price. Fuel efficiency and high traction power are some of this model's strengths. By using the latest tech, Green Max is able to provide sedans, coupes, and SUVs with reliable equipment.

Firstly, this tire benefits from a new asymmetric design that delivers great car stability at speeds up to 186 mph. The two different shoulders increase the directional control for safety and peace of mind. The Optimum UHP features lateral grooves that create stable airflow, thus lowering the heat buildup for longer mileage and tread life. Black stiff sidewalls protect the inner side from road hazards and give it a stylish appearance. The unique siping along the tread, especially on the shoulders, adds extra biting edges for enhanced road grip.

Secondly, four linear grooves expel water from the footprint, therefore keeping it clean all the time. This also allows for constant contact with the surface, especially at high speed. The main three central ribs support load pressure, combating rubber reformation. The advanced patch compound resists hot temperatures, thus offering versatility. The durable construction of this tire grants high levels of comfort and road silence for a cozy driving experience. It also secures stability and offers responsive steering, making it a reliable product.

Finally, the Green Max Optimum UHP is available on the US market in popular sizes from 16" to 20" rim diameter. According to customers, this tire works best on cars like Chevrolet Camaro and BMW 740i.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable summer UHP tire that shows great results on passenger cars.
  • Durable tread compound lowers the chance of skidding.
  • Four linear grooves keep the footprint clean of water all the time.
  • Optimized siping placement offers more biting edges for increased road grip.
  • Unique shoulder design increases driver control and steering.
  • Superb tread pattern boosts braking power at high speed.

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