Accelera IOTA ST68

This model is an all-season tire built for a wide range of CUVs and SUVs designed to provide year-round traction, excellent stability on dry and wet roads, good handling along strong acceleration and braking performance.

The IOTA ST68 comes with an advanced all-season compound molded into an asymmetric tread pattern that presents three interlocked block lanes combined with exclamation sipes designed to ensure quick steering responsive, directional stability on the road, but also to remove the later of water to increase the aquaplaning resistance for the best all-season performance.

For safety reasons, this model has four main longitudinal grooves combined with lateral tread grooves for better water evacuation from under the tire footprint, providing increased hydroplaning resistance, maintaining road grip, and driving stability.

Accelera IOTA ST68 comes with a larger tread contact area to promote driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures. Due to the optimized tread pattern, it shows a superior grip, low rolling resistance, high fuel efficiency, and good braking performance. This model is available from 16 to 24-inch sizes, with H, V, W, and Y-speed ratings, backed by 45,000-miles or 5 years of tread warranty.

Features and benefits

  • Black Sidewalls.

  • All-season tread pattern.

  • Larger tread contact area which provides driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures.

  • A 45,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty.

  • Computer-Optimized tread pattern for balanced ride comfort and handling performance with improved fuel efficiency.

  • Excellent acoustic comfort thanks to its special tread design that dampens sound generated during rolling, making for a quiet and pleasurable drive.

  • Three interlocked block lanes guarantee firm directional stability along with precise steering characteristics.

  • Four main longitudinal grooves and lateral grooves provide increased hydroplaning resistance.