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Ironman All Country CHT is an entry level highway tire. This model is designed for a wide range of vans and light trucks used in commercial services. It ensures performance when it comes to durability, mileage, and carrying.

Above all, the Ironman Country CHT comes with an all season tread molded into an optimized tread design. It presents five ribs with closed shoulders that promote the high distribution of weight, and lateral stability for a safe and controlled ride. In addition, solid center rib offers responsive handling for great steering feel.

The engineers use the latest innovations in the tire industry to produce quality tread compounds. In other words, they reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, an all season tread compound adds more tread flexibility during winter.

For safety reasons, inside the tire, there is an integrated specialized commercial grade construction that offers more durability and strength. It also presents four wide straight grooves and special sipes on tread blocks. Therefore, these elements reduce all the risks in terms of aquaplaning.

Ironman All Country CHT is available in 16 to 18-inch sizes, with R-speed ratings. In conclusion, according to customer reviews, it is one of the leaders in the US market. In conclusion, it is one of the best tire options for a wide range of pickups and vans like Chevy Express and Ford Transit Custom.

 Features and benefits

  • Durable commercial tire.
  • Solid center rib improves handling at higher speeds.
  • An innovative tread pattern reduces road noise for a smooth ride.
  • A wide contact area allows uniform wear and more contact with the road.
  • Special groove geometry expels rapid water for the best grip on wet roads.
Technical specs
Load Index 120/117
Speed Index R
Sidewall BW
Tread Depth 15.8/32nds
Inflation Pressure 80 PSI
Section Width 9.25"
Overall Diameter 31.81"
Part Number 93703

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