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Overall, urban tires are a critical component of any commercial fleet that operates in urban environments, as they ensure safety, performance, and efficiency in these driving conditions. For example, the Leao AAU802 is an all position model designed specifically for on road work that usually involves buses.

The construction of the Leao AAU802 is optimized for urban service, as it features a special tread pattern with ribs in the middle. This ensures superb traction and surface contact on city roads. The wide zig zag grooves expel water and slush from the tread area, providing safe driving in various weather conditions. This design delivers great braking performance in urban areas where starts and stops are more frequent. Besides, the center ribs enhance the handling ability, allowing for smooth steering even in sharp curves.

Furthermore, the Leao AAU802 has closed shoulder ribs with a unique outer design that promotes even wear and great road contact. Combined with the stiff sidewalls that combat lateral forces, it grants superior cornering performance. In addition, cross rib sipes add extra biting edges that keep the bus stable on slippery roads. Moreover, a strong internal build raises load capacity and offers more retread cycles. An advanced rubber compound resists damage from chips and cuts while reducing fuel usage due to the low rolling resistance that it provides. Going further, this model is available in popular sizes such as 11R22.5, 275/70R22.5 and more. Different speed indexes along with ply ratings of 16 and 18 apply, depending on the size.

Features and benefits

  • Strong all position tire designed for all season urban bus applications.
  • Unique tread pattern provides superior traction and road grip.
  • Wide ribs boost the steering ability for better control of the vehicle.
  • Stiff sidewalls shield the rim from damage to extend the service life of the tire.
  • Solid internal build promotes many retread cycles.
  • Complex rubber compound offers a better connection with the surface.

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