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Winter tires help to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency on the road, helping drivers to deliver their cargo on time and in good condition even if the weather is not in their favor. For instance, the Leao ADW807 is a drive position tire designed for trucks that need to operate on icy and snowy roads. This model suits medium to long distance applications.

For starters, the Leao ADW807 features an aggressive tread pattern that ensures confident traction and short braking distance. The unique construction of this tire provides strong winter performance even when it is under load pressure, supporting up to 8,270 lbs per single tire. Moreover, the center Z shaped lugs bite into snowy roads with ease, offering good handling and safety while driving. Also, open shoulders further boost lateral traction and enhance the cornering ability, making the job easier for the driver.

In addition, this model benefits from stiff sidewalls that protect the rim from road hazards, extending the service life of the tire. Also, a strong internal structure handles heavy load pressure and promotes multiple retread cycles, thus cutting maintenance costs. The advanced rubber compound is specifically designed for cold weather, therefore offering superior grip and reducing fuel use. Wide grooves throw away water and slush from the tread area, keeping it clean and minimizing any risks of skidding. The abundant siping design adds plenty of extra biting edges for better stability, traction, and control. Above that, the Leao ADW807 is available in some common truck sizes such as 11R22.5, 295/80R22.5, and 315/80R22.5. These sizes offer ply ratings of 16 and 18 along with speed indexes of M and K to fit a wider range of operations.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty drive position tire designed for winter regional and long haul applications.
  • Special tread pattern ensures great traction and road contact in bad weather.
  • Durable sidewalls combat lateral forces for better cornering performance.
  • Smart sipe distribution improves truck stability and overall grip.
  • Wide grooves channel water and slush out of the footprint to guarantee no risk of skidding.
  • Advanced rubber compound resists cold environments and reduces fuel usage.

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