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The drive axle receives power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels to move the vehicle forward. Drive position tires have unique tread patterns that are optimized for maximum traction and durability under heavy loads and in challenging driving conditions. If you are looking for something like this, then Leao D928 is the way to go.

This drive position tire features an aggressive tread pattern with center ribs and lateral blocks that offer superior traction in regional and long haul applications. Specifically, the lugs provide confident road grip in all weather conditions, be it rainy, snowy, or sunny. Besides, the two ribs with a unique design enhance handling on various surfaces, ensuring the best control of the truck. The center grooves combined with wide lateral ones throw away water and slush from the footprint, keeping it clean and improving performance. Along with the open shoulder design, the tire promotes a lower risk of skidding or aquaplaning.

The stiff sidewalls combat lateral forces, thus boosting the cornering ability. Thanks to the advanced rubber compound that the Leao D928 benefits from, the rolling resistance is reduced and so is fuel usage. It is also very important that this model has a reinforced internal structure with hard steel belts that increase load capacity, supporting up to 7,160 lbs per single tire. Moreover, the strategic sipe placement adds extra biting edges that lead up to better road grip and braking performance. Above that, the Leao D928 is available on the US market in standard truck sizes like 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5 and more. Also, by having multiple ply rating options on each size, this model meets a wider range of applications.

Features and benefits

  • Economical drive position tire for regional and long distance work.
  • Unique tread pattern provides superior all season performance.
  • Center ribs along with lateral lugs boost traction and handling in various conditions.
  • Stiff sidewalls extend the lifespan of the tire by offering protection.
  • Tough internal build promotes numerous retread cycles.
  • Special rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance for less fuel usage.

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