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With excellence come many tries of wanted performance and hard work. This is the case with Mastercraft, which accumulates great elements and puts them together to form a great product. The SRT Touring is the all season passenger tire. It is also very affordable and goes perfectly with SUVs.

In the beginning, the special compound allows for a longer tread life, because of its constitution. Then, with a new pitched sequence and innovative pattern layout, the ride is noiseless and comfortable. Furthermore, the stability control siping technology allows better connection with wet, snowy, or muddy roads. Overall traction and grip improve drastically. Adding to this, four wide circumferential grooves throw water, or any kind of debris from the SRT Touring and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Equally important are the five ribs that support 20% more lateral semi closed shoulders that provide responsiveness in corners and can carry weights up to 2,149 lbs per tire, on max speeds like 118 mph.

For internal construction, a resistant texture helps with damage and puncture protection. Moreover, Mastercraft gives 60,000 miles for V-, and H-rated sizes and 65,000 miles for T-rated ones of limited protection warranty.

In conclusion, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town, and GMC Terrain go extremely well with the SRT Touring. The US market has many available sizes of the product, but some of them are 185/70R14, 215/50R17, and 225/50R18.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent all season tire fits extremely well on passenger vehicles and does the job perfectly.
  • Great tread compound provides a comfortable ride with more retreading options.
  • Impressive stability control siping technology doesn't fear incoming challenges on any kind of road, thus improving overall traction and grip.
  • In between four wide grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning and throwing debris or water from the SRT Touring's constitution.
  • Innovative semi closed lateral shoulders help with maneuverability in corners and support heavy loads.
  • Covered by 60,000, or 65,000 miles of treadwear protection that improves the connection between the manufacturer and customer.

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