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Michelin Energy Saver

This model is one of the most fuel-efficient summer tires designed to meet the needs of millions of customers who are looking for fuel economy, less CO2 emissions, and good year-round traction. It comes with Michelin Green X technology designed to boost vehicle efficiency, and environmental impact reducing fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions.

Michelin Energy Saver comes with a unique silica-based tread compound molded into a symmetric pattern along with independent tread blocks designed to provide responsive handling, short braking distance, and no compromise on summer performance.

For safety reasons, the Energy Saver presents three wide circumferential and lateral grooves designed to improve water evacuation from under the tread design providing high hydroplaning resistance. To produce one of the most quality products from the Energy Save category, the Michelin engineers use the latest to reduce vibrations and road noise by computer-optimized design.

This model has a special internal structure that includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide on top of a polyester cord casing to ensure strength, efficiency, comfort, strength, and high-speed durability as well. The Michelin Energy Saver is available in multiple sizes with rim diameters of 15" and 16". It is backed by 6 years of standard limited warranty or 50,000 miles tread life.

Features and benefits

  • A fuel efficient summer tire.

  • Michelin's Energy Saver Construction ensures lower rolling resistance, good fuel efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

  • Original equipment on vehicles like MINI Cooper, BMW 3 Series, and Volkswagen Passat.

  • Stops up to 10’ shorter than the previous generation on wet roads, due to 100% silica new generation compound.

  • Three wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning risk making the ride safer and more comfortable.

  • Eco-friendly compounds offer low rolling resistance by improving fuel consumption.


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