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Michelin Latitude Sport

This model is an advanced summer tire developed especially for the world's most prestigious high-performance crossover and SUVs like Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and Volkswagen Touareg. It can show good performance when it comes to dry and wet road traction, handling, and cornering.

Latitude Sport tires incorporate the same tread pattern and tread compounds of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. It has a hybrid silica/carbon black compound molded into the asymmetric tread pattern along with the outboard shoulder and continues across the tread to improve traction on wet roads and hydroplaning resistance.

Due to large outboard shoulder blocks along with continuous intermediate and center ribs, the tire shows responsive steering and extra cornering stability. For safety reasons, the Latitude Sport has wide circumferential grooves and lateral notches designed to help channel water to enhance wet road traction.

Inside the tread, we can find two high-tensile, steel cord belts reinforced by optimized individual aramid/nylon hybrid filaments designed to manage tire distortion thus providing high-speed durability.

The Michelin Latitude Sport is available from 17 to 21-inch sizes, backed by 6 years of standard limited warranty, or 20,000 miles tread life.

Features and benefits

  • A symmetric summer tread pattern.

  • Wide circumferential grooves increase hydroplaning resistance.

  • Chosen by some of the best vehicle manufacturers like Porsche and Audi.

  • MaxTouch Construction ensures the tire contact forces are evenly distributed-maximizing tread life.

  • FAZ Technology means special filaments under the tread for crisp, confident handling at high speeds.

  • Michelin Total Performance for longer tire life, delivering excellent targeted features and benefits with no compromise in other areas.

  • Due to advanced low rolling resistance, the tire helps to save up to 82 gallons of fuel over the life of the tires.

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