Michelin LTX M/S2

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Michelin LTX M/S2

This model is a Highway All-Season tire developed to meet the needs of drivers of vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles, as well as for commercial vans. It is the best option for people for whom the smooth, quiet ride with year-round traction in dry, wet, and wintry conditions are the main priorities.

The LTX M/S2 comes with an advanced all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric tread pattern with stable independent tread blocks featuring high-density 3-D Active Sipes designed to deliver the best year-round traction. This tire presents a special tread profile featuring Michelin's MaxTouch Construction to produce a contact patch that shows the performance when it comes to traction, long and uniform wear, acceleration, braking, and cornering forces.

For safety reasons, the Michelin engineers use four wide circumferential channels, multiple lateral grooves, and open shoulder slots with the purpose to improve lateral water evacuation enhancing wet traction and road stability. Because this model is used in commercial applications it comes with load range options of D and E, available, with up to three steel belts for extra strength and puncture resistance.

The LTX M/S2 is available from 17 to 20-inch sizes, backed by 6 years of standard limited warranty, or up to 70,000 miles tread life. This tire can be the best option for Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Toyota Sequoia, Tundra, Tacoma, Nissan Murano, and many other models.

Features and benefits

  • A symmetric tread pattern with stable independent tread blocks.

  • Unique tread compound and the best aquaplaning resistance help the M/S2 to stop up to 7 feet shorter than leading competitors’ products.

  • Excellent light terrain traction and handling.

  • Four tread grooves increase hydroplaning resistance.

  • The ride is more comfortable due to the cutting-edge technologies used by Michelin.

  • Exceptional tread life- Michelin Total Performance for longer tire life, delivering excellent targeted features and benefits with no compromise in other areas.

  • MaxTouch Construction ensures the tire contact forces are evenly distributed-maximizing tread life (Lasts up to 20,000 miles longer than two leading competitors).

  • Improved snow traction due to 8% more biting edges than its predecessor.

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