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Over the years, drag racing has evolved from a hobby into a high stakes, high speed motorsport. At the center of this evolution lies the tire technology that propels these cars at unmatched speeds. Meet the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pro - a trusty companion designed for drag racing competitions.

First of all, the semi slick tread design of the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pro ensures the best traction at all times. The optimal footprint width provides excellent contact with the surface, keeping you in control of your vehicle at higher speeds. Next, the linear channels add extra biting edges that further upgrade grip, giving you smoother braking and acceleration performance. An advanced rubber compound quickly warms up to get you rolling at your best in no time. It also resists constant wear and tear, offering a longer service life. The R2 formula sticks to the surface with confidence, reducing the risks of skidding and losing control.

Secondly, the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pro features durable sidewalls that protect the rim from impacts, thus preventing abrasions. They also combat lateral forces created when speeding, ensuring accurate steering and full stability on the track. Their stylish design gives your ride a new look to help you stand out while dominating your competition. A tough yet lightweight construction absorbs road shocks and vibrations, therefore elevating comfort levels for the best experience. Finally, this model is available on the US market in limited sizes with a rim diameter of 15".

Features and benefits

  • Strong competition tire designed for drag racing.
  • Advanced R2 rubber compound quickly warms up and ensures a sticky grip.
  • Semi slick tread design provides the best surface contact while minimizing wear.
  • Robust sidewalls combat lateral forces and protect the rim from damage.
  • Tough internal casing absorbs road vibrations for maximum comfort while driving.

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