Mickey Thompson SPORTSMAN S/T

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Get ready to unleash the full potential of your classic muscle car with a tire built for speed and precision. We are talking about the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T, which is a performance model that offers great all season capability. Its high quality build and stylish design will match perfectly with older muscle cars.

First of all, the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T comes with a symmetric tread pattern that grants superior traction and grip in various weather conditions. From hot and dry to light snow, the optimized footprint keeps a confident contact with the surface for maximum control. Also, five ribs provide excellent stability and steering precision at a maximum speed of 118 mph, depending on the size. Moreover, four wide linear grooves boost the self cleaning ability to increase wet performance. This lowers the risks of aquaplaning or skidding in slippery conditions. Its open shoulders promote regular wear and add more lateral grip to enhance balance when taking sharp turns.

In addition, the rational distribution of sipes raises the braking and acceleration power, thus increasing safety and responsiveness. Also, the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T features a tubeless build that secures a tight rim fit to prevent pressure loss. The rounded sidewalls shield the rim from lateral impacts and fight off the forces created at higher speeds. What's more, the raised white letter design upgrades the looks of your ride, giving you a classic and bold appearance. Its advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and tear, offering a long lasting tread life. Thanks to the tough internal build that absorbs vibrations, comfort is increased and the ride becomes smoother. Backed by many reviews, this model is ideal for older Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Charger models. Lastly, it is available on the US market in popular sizes with wheel diameters of 15".

Features and benefits

  • All season performance tire designed for classic muscle cars.
  • Symmetric tread pattern offers excellent traction and steering accuracy.
  • Wide linear grooves lower the risk of aquaplaning by throwing water away.
  • Smart sipe placement adds extra biting edges that maximize grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • Raised white letter sidewalls upgrade the looks of your car.

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