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Experience the perfect balance of comfort, reliability, and style with the new Nitto Crosstek 2. This model can be your partner in conquering the road ahead, it is enough to equip your CUV/SUV with the Crosstek 2 and let your vehicle truly come alive. Interested in this product? Stay here to get to know it better.

For instance, we should point out that Nitto uses the best materials and the latest manufacturing processes in the production of Crosstek 2. A silica rubber compound provides both flexibility and durability for powerful traction and extended lifespan. Shaped into an asymmetrical pattern with wide shoulder blocks, this model provides great performance when it comes to traction, comfort, stability, and mileage. More exactly, the innovative center rib design improves steering precision in sharp turns or hugging corners but also gives you the confidence to conquer any twist and curve that lies ahead. In addition, Nitto boasts of the Crosstek 2 due to lower road noise levels without compromising performance. Its wide footprint maintains a stable contact patch, thus providing unrivaled steering responsiveness, unyielding driving, and overall stability.

For safety reasons, four grooves effortlessly disperse water, keeping the pattern clean. It ensures a safe ride, free of hydroplaning risks. Advanced casing with a strong sidewall compound supports the weight and transfers it efficiently to the road surface. As a result, the tire's lifespan and ride safety becomes higher. Best of all, according to the words of our loyal customers, they will never give it up: "It is the best that I tried until now!"

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality highway terrain tire suitable with SUVs and light trucks.
  • Silica rubber compound improves gripping capability in all seasons for confident rides.
  • Four traversal grooves work in tandem with a heavy siping design to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Optimized pattern with asymmetrical shapes make the ride smooth and quieter.
  • Strong casing creates high durability to support heavy loads.
  • Available in both SL and XL load ranges for all needs.
  • Backed by a great warranty of up to 60,000 miles.

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