Petlas ELEGANT PT311

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Let's talk about Petlas Elegant PT311. This model is an economical summer tire with a stylish and elegant sidewall design. In general, this type of tire is ideal for small cars and provides optimal performance in warm and dry weather conditions. In general, summer small car tires are designed to provide optimal performance in warm and dry weather conditions. When it comes to fuel usage, these can help improve fuel economy compared to all season or winter tires.

For instance, we should point out that this model benefits from a special rubber compound shaped into a symmetrical pattern. It consists of innovative shoulder blocks along with two/three center ribs developed to provide optimal road stability and responsive handling. In addition, stiff shoulders ensure superb cornering performance at high speeds, low rolling resistance, and high resistance against irregular wear. Depending on the size of the tire, the pattern presents three or four linear grooves that guarantee great water drainage and minimize the risk of hydroplaning. Due to its computer simulated block design, the PT311 ensures optimal road and pattern noise and enhances driving comfort. As a result, all sizes come with a 69 dB marking.

Best of all, Petlas Elegant PT311 is present on the market in multiple sizes with 12", 13", 14", and 15" rim diameters. Therefore, it is able to fit a wide range of small cars. When it comes to speed performance, there are available T or H-speed indexes that mean 118 mph and respectively 130 mph. For example, the PT311 is a great option for Toyota Yaris, Smart Fortwo, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa, and Chevrolet Spark.

Features and benefits

  • Economical summer tire with black sidewall design.
  • Advanced tread compound offer improved rolling resistance for less fuel usage.
  • Stiff shoulder blocks offer reliable lateral stability for safe rides.
  • Special linear grooves force away water for more contact with the road surface.
  • Continous center rib design improves handling capability and improves braking distance.
  • The new casing provides enough durability to resist and support vehicle and passenger weight.

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