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If you're in search of a reliable and durable fitment tire for your commercial light truck or van, the Petlas Full Power PT825 is an excellent tire that deserves your attention. This model is a summer tire that delivers enhanced performance and high durability in demanding P&D services.

Above all, Petlas Full Power PT825 features a new tread compound molded into a symmetrical pattern. It provides exceptional traction and handling in both wet and dry conditions. The optimized design of the tire tread decreases rolling resistance. Therefore, fuel usage and operating costs become lower over the tire's lifespan. Moreover, special center ribs provide great road stability and responsive handling. On the other side, these create high resistance to uneven wear. While wide shoulders contribute to its handling and cornering performance for more control of your vehicle. For safety reasons, here we have three zigzag tread grooves that expel rapid water, keeping the tread always clean.

When it comes to the tire's construction, there we have a special casing designed to deliver maximum durability and strength. It works in tandem with reinforced sidewalls that help to resist damage from chips and cuts. As a result, these provide enhanced strength and durability that make tires withstand heavy loads and high speeds over long distances. Petlas Full Power PT825 is available in multiple popular sizes. In conclusion, the Full Grip PT825 is an ideal choice for commercial applications.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced commercial summer tire ideal for long runs.
  • Continuous center rib and wide shoulder blocks increase stability and handling capability for more control of your van.
  • The optimized design helps to reduce rolling resistance for more fuel efficiency and long life.
  • Extended tire life reduces the need for frequent replacements which means less downtime.
  • Reinforced sidewalls with durable casing provide enough durability and strength to resist damage from impacts and cuts.

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