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Petlas Imperium PT515 is a great high performance summer tire with a great price quality ratio.  This model uses a summer rubber compound shaped into an asymmetric tread pattern. This type of pattern makes the PT515 show superb steering precision, high traction, and good acoustic comfort during warm seasons. One of the most outstanding components of this model is their shoulders. Stiff shoulder blocks provide superb cornering stability at high speeds and offer resistance against abnormal wear. Best of all, limited sizes benefit from a reinforced casing structure that resists heavy loads and high speeds. While a special plain block attached to the shoulder provides the best handling and short braking distance. Using the unique pattern design with inner and outer lateral channels, the ride becomes more comfortable and smoother.

Petlas Imperium PT515 is present on the US market in multiple sizes, starting from 13 to 17-inch rim diameters with a speed index from T to W. It is one of the best tire options for powerful versions of Alfa Romeo Giulia, BMW Z4, Lexus IS, Mini Clubman, and Mercedes-Benz CLA-class, but also for small cars such as Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, Nissan Altima, and Toyota Yaris. In conclusion, if you want that your car shows extended performance mile after mile, it's important to ensure that they are properly inflated. Regularly check the tread depth to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Features and benefits

  • Superb high performance tire with the best capability in the summer season,
  • Special rubber compound resists wearing and offers high grip power.
  • Modern pattern design produced with the latest technologies delivers high mileage and braking power in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Four linear tread grooves provide rapid water evacuation from under the tire, thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Strong casing guarantees high strength for more tread protection against road hazards.

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