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Let's get to know better the Petlas Velox Sport PT711. This model is a cheap summer tire suitable for smaller vehicles such as compact cars and subcompact cars. It is present on the market only in one size, the 185/50R13. That size is relatively small, and so tires with this size tend to have a shallower profile than larger ones. As a result, it offers improved handling and responsiveness. In the production of this model, Petlas uses a special rubber compound shaped into a directional pattern with a unique design. Optimized pattern minimizes noise, thus offering high acoustic comfort of 70 dB. In terms of fuel efficiency, this model is branded with the D symbol. As a result, the ride becomes smoother and quieter for both short and long distances. Moreover, strong shoulder blocks deliver superb cornering stability and precise steering at high speeds and provide resistance against uneven wear.

Moving to the internal side, Petlas Velox Sport PT711 benefits from a strong casing that supports the load that presses on the tread area. Therefore, it can show reliable performance in terms of durability, safety, and mileage. It also comes with an H-speed index which means it performs up to 130 mph. It is one of the optimal summer tires for a wide range of small cars used to get from point A to point B with minimal costs. In conclusion, if you are not ready to spend a lot of money on summer tires, the Velox Sport PT711 may be a good option for you.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable summer tire with aesthetic pattern design and black sidewalls.
  • Special rubber compound creates high resistance against wearing, especially in frequent corners.
  • Unique V-shaped grooves from the crown center towards the shoulder expel efficient water for the best wet traction and grip.
  • The optimized tread design offers reliable rides in terms of comfort.
  • Special casing structure delivers high resistance against road hazards for more miles.

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