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Pirelli Cinturato Winter

This model is a studless winter tire developed to cover a wide range of compact coupes and premium sedans. It was built especially for people who are looking for confidence and safety in winter's worst conditions.

The Winter Cinturato mold a special winter tread compound into an arrow-shaped, directional design.

Pirelli uses a special tread pitch sequence and sipe density to optimize mechanical grip on slush, snow, even on ice. To efficiently evacuate water and slush under the tire footprint the Italian engineers use innovative tread grooves. Due to this tread design, this tire offers extra lateral stability, superior handling, and a high level of safety as well.

For safety reasons, this tire features a wide and stable footprint to provide better distribute pressure across the tire. This feature improves traction, braking performance thus and increases safety characteristics.

Due to the traction capabilities of Pirelli Winter Cinturato tires, Pirelli recommends using them only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.

This tire is available from 14 to 17-inch sizes backed by a limited treadlife guarantee.

Features and benefits

  • Studless winter tread design.

  • Three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

  • Multiactive 4D sipes improved dry/wet braking safety thanks to blocking stiffness great flexibility in traction for additional snow retention.

  • Winter Gear Design offers excellent mobility on snow even in the most severe winter conditions due to a high level of mechanical traction on all surfaces.

  • Advanced material and new profile- improved dry handling and dry braking safety thanks to the square footprint area and regular pressure distribution that maximize dry grip.

  • Water escape accelerator reduces aquaplaning risk and increased wet safety thanks to better water and slush expulsion.

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