Sailun ATREZZO SH402

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Sailun ATREZZO SH402

This model is a performance all-season tire built for a wide range of today’s coupes and sedans. It provides superb wet traction and powerful grip and improved road noise.

The ATREZZO SH402 comes with an all-new year-round tread compound molded into an asymmetrical tread design that presents four wide circumferential and lateral grooves to promote superior grip and powerful traction providing a quiet and comfortable ride experience. Due to the high angle tread design, this model promotes an extended contact patch and aggressive biting edges for maximum road adherence.

For safety reasons, this model is available with a revolutionary tread compound that increases traction, control, and longevity in wet and dry conditions. Sailun engineers use the latest innovation in the tire industry to produce a quality rubber product-focused to reduce CO2 emissions, promoting high performance when it comes to traction, handling responsiveness, comfort, and braking performance. Wavy center rib is designed to improve road noise at higher speeds and enhance directional stability. Full-depth multi-angle sipes are engineered for all-weather traction while reducing rolling resistance and irregular wear to promote longer tread life. The triplex tread compound guarantees high traction and long treadwear.

Inside the tread, we can find the innovative internal structure that includes twin steel belt construction designed to add extra durability and strength. Sailun ATREZZO SH402 is available from 14 to 17-inch sizes, with an H, T, and V-speed rating, backed by a 75,000 miles or 60 months tread warranty.

Features and benefits

  • Performance all-season tire.

  • Full-depth multi-angle sipes engineered for all-weather traction.

  • Durable sidewalls manage the road hazards for a long tire lifespan.

  • Innovative Triplex tread compound guarantees high traction and long treadwear.

  • Multi-sipes on the ribs guarantee additional traction and better water evacuation.

  • Wide footprint allows better weight distribution for uniform wear.

  • Four wide circumferential and lateral grooves offer strong braking, powerful acceleration, and handling performance.

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