Sumitomo ST709SE

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Serious work requires serious tires, and Sumitomo has them all. For instance, their ST709 SE is a regional steer tire that's durable enough for all positions.

This tire benefits from high-end engineering that ensures the best performance. Chevron block central ribs are present to evenly distribute pressure, thus increasing tread life and performing with loads up to 7,160 lbs per wheel. The lateral sipes on the ribs quickly throw away water and boost traction on wet surfaces for a safe ride. This model takes advantage of 2 linear grooves along with 2 zig-zag ones that increase road grip for responsive steering. Also, stone ejectors in the base of the patch promote casing integrity and combat rock retention for increased safety and stability. A 20/32"  tread depth combined with wide and flat casing protects the rubber in high scrub environments. The ST709 SE has closed and wide shoulders with a special design that minimizes heat buildup while also offering vehicle balance.

Moreover, the internal construction offers great protection from punctures due to the four steel belt package presents on the inside. Along that, thick curbing ribs offer sidewall durability, therefore boosting control on curvy roads. An innovative rubber design keeps irregular wear under control, especially on the highway at speeds as high as 75 mph. This tire was built using SmartWay verified technology, meaning that it's as fuel efficient as possible and also good for the environment.

Above that, Sumitomo backs you with a 6 year or 2 recap casing warranty for stress free regional services. This model is available on the US market in a few desired sizes like: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75 R22.5, and 285/75 R24.5.

Features and benefits

  • Durable and trusty steer tire that best fits regional applications.
  • Modern shoulder design minimizes heat accumulation for increased performance.
  • Chevron block center ribs with lateral sipes that combat water buildup and offer safety.
  • Innovative internal build delivers high protection against external factors.
  • Deep tread combined with wide casing promotes rubber life in damaging environments.
  • SmartWay Verified technology proves the fuel efficiency of this tire.

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