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Once again, Sumitomo will define its purpose for any kind of truck by developing a fine example of affordable products, which represents the ST727. This model will be great for any task of commercial use because it's an all-position regional tire. The manufacturer provided the best riding experience for people who wish to get the job done. This is justified by the implementation of different kinds of assets.

The first key feature is of the presence of micro sipes, which deliver a long use of the model. Also, they decrease strain on the rib edge and add even wear to the tire. Next, comes in handy the stability of the wheel, which is supplied by the five-rib design. Moreover, the closed shoulders are wider, so it greatly reduces damage. Another advantage is that the vehicle supports a maximum load of 8,270 lbs, even at the maximum speed of 81 mph.

Moving on, between the ribs are four circumferential grooves that help with the water accumulation in the middle of them, thus increasing traction during rain. Another important aspect is the dense tread rubber texture, which gives the opportunity for more recycling options. Then, it reduces the effects of scuffing from sharp turns and gives a lower rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency. Advancing the internal category, the presence of a four steel belt package gives resistance from punctures. This, once again, increases the stability of the vehicle, giving a much more relaxing ride.

In this case, Sumitomo provided a wide variety of tire sizes, some of them being: 8.25R15, 10.00R15, and 12.00R20. And with the 6 years or 2 recap casing warranty, the ST727 exceeds the buyer's expectations from Sumitomo.

Features and benefits

  • The all position use brings forth great flexibility in commercial regional use.
  • The presence of micro sipes promotes even wear with the possibility to accomplish long tasks.
  • Well thought rubber compound reduces the unwanted load on the tire for long tread life.
  • Impressive diagonal rib design promotes the stability of the vehicle.
  • Wide shoulders give resistance to deterioration and sidewall damage.
  • Four steel belts offer even more wanted protection for the tire.

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