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Large distance driving can be a pain if you are not equipped with the right tires. In this case, Sumitomo provides us with the all new ST938, which fits specifically on the drive axle of trucks involved in long haul applications.

The performance of this model is ensured by its outstanding design and smart engineering. For example, it takes advantage of closed shoulders that enhance the traction force and increase rubber life. The hard and heavy-duty casing on the sides provides high stability and confident cornering through curvy roads, thus offering a safe ride. Increased base rubber minimizes heat buildup at high speeds up to 75 mph so the tires remain cool and stable. Extra deep 30/32nds tread depth is present on this tire to promote increased mileage and combat irregular wear for more retreads. The ST938 benefits from wide lugs with micro sipes that lower the rolling resistance and evenly distribute pressure through the patch, allowing for loads up to 6,610 lbs per wheel.

Moreover, the internal construction of this model ensures only the best results. For instance, the four steel belt package is great for resisting punctures, chips, and cuts, therefore increasing vehicle balance and tread durability. Stone drilling buttons protect the rubber, obtaining remarkable mileage from this tire. The cutting edge technology used by Sumitomo delivers excellent and responsive handling for successful long haul services. Several wide grooves between the blocks increase traction and braking power on wet roads, lowering the risk of aquaplaning.

Finally, Sumitomo backs you with a 6 year or 2 recap casing warranty for carefree driving. The ST938 is available on the US market in the following sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75 R22.5, and 285/75 R24.5.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent heavy-duty commercial tire designed for great performance.
  • Closed shoulders provide long and even wear along with superior traction.
  • Stiff casing offers vehicle stability and allows for multiple retreads.
  • Increased base rubber eliminates heat from the tread at high speed.
  • Extra deep patch that ensures extended mileage in long haul operations.
  • Innovative internal construction offers increased protection against cuts and chips.
  • Wide grooves between the lugs boost braking power and balance during rain.

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