Thunderer RD431

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Commercial applications require powerful equipment that is specifically designed for that area of work. If you are looking for trusty tires, then Thunderer is your manufacturer. For instance, the RD431 is a drive position tire crafted to meet the demands of mixed service jobs, meaning that it offers excellent performance in a variety of conditions.

Starting off, the Thunderer RD431 offers superb traction on muddy, snowy, and wet surfaces thanks to its innovative tread pattern. Six rows of lugs grip any terrain with ease, resulting in better fuel economy. Moreover, lots of grooves keep the tread area clean of mud, water, and snow, therefore minimizing irregular wear and boosting surface contact. Also, the optimized sipe design grants extra biting edges for smoother traction and shorter braking distances. Besides, the sipes channel water away to prevent aquaplaning on slippery surfaces.

What's more, special tie bars combat tread distortion, thus increasing the lifespan of the tire. The optimal tread depth also minimizes wear and protects the internal casing from punctures. Stiff sidewalls fight off lateral forces created at high speed or in sharp corners, ensuring full control of the vehicle at all times. Also, the open shoulders add more lateral grip, especially when accelerating, leading to more efficient cargo delivery. The solid internal build supports heavy load pressure, allowing for up to 7,150 lbs per single tire. Finally, the Thunderer RD431 is available on the US market in some common sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 285/75R24.5, and more. Keep in mind that various ply ratings and a speed index of L apply to these sizes to cover a wider range of jobs.

Features and benefits

  • Premium drive position tire recommended for mixed service work.
  • Open shoulders combat irregular wear and offer more lateral grip.
  • Robust sidewalls protect the tire from damage.
  • Deep grooves boost surface contact by keeping the patch area clean.
  • Durable internal casing upgrades the load capacity.

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