Atturo Trail Blade ATS

This model is a new all-terrain tire focused on aftermarket application developed for light trucks and SUVs to provide off-road versatility with high traction, road adherence in all-terrain applications.

The Trail Blade ATS comes with an aggressive all-season tread compound molded into an optimized tread design that presents a large center rib designed to increase steering performance and rigidity. Large shoulder blocks with three dimensional sipes promote superior traction in rain, snow and dirt. Between the center rib and shoulder there are special tie bars designed to minimize the road noise but also to increase the stability. Even though this model is an all-terrain tire model, it offers a comfortable and quiet driving experience, thanks to small, raised bars between tread blocks.

For safety reasons, this model has four main lateral grooves connected with many tread grooves engineered to deliver better water, snow, slush, dirt evacuation from under the tire footprint for more contact with the road. Atturo uses the latest technologies in the tire industry to produce a high-quality rubber product focused on off-road performance, promoting improved traction, handling responsiveness, ride comfort, and braking performance.

This tire is produced in standard metric, but also in LT rated version. Inside the LT versions we can find a heavy-duty internal carcass designed to add extra durability and strength for improved carrying and towing characteristics. Atturo Trail Blade ATS is developed in a wide range of sizes starting from 17 to 24-inch sizes, with up 16/32” tread depth for additional mileage. It is backed by a 50,000 miles tread warranty with H, T, Q, and S-speed rating.

Features and benefits

  • Durable A/T tire.

  • Developed for all-terrain, towing and hauling applications.

  • Unique tread pattern improves the grip, traction.

  • Comfortable and smooth driving experience due to unique multi-bevels and alternate shaped shoulders.

  • Innovative groove geometry minimizes the risk of stone retention and drilling.

  • Special shoulder blocks promote lateral stability and combat irregular wear.

  • Wide footprint allows better pressure distribution for uniform wear and more contact patch for road adherence.

  • The LT rated sizes come with 12-ply construction to improve carrying characteristics and manage the road hazards for passenger/load safety.

  • Stepped edges on the tread help to evacuate better mud and slush.