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Triangle produces some of the best tires for commercial applications in the US. For example, the TR689A is a drive position model designed for light trucks involved in pickup and delivery services. By making great use of the latest tech, Triangle is able to supply commercial companies with high quality equipment for their jobs.

Firstly, the TR689 features an advanced tread pattern that boosts traction and surface contact. Specifically, the solid center rib delivers the best directional control even under load pressure, supporting weights up to 6,010 lbs per single wheel. Also, the aggressive lugged open shoulder design greatly improves lateral traction and road grip, thus lowering the risk of skidding. Moreover, special stone ejector platforms along with tie bars between the lugs keep the footprint clean of rocks and combat rubber deformation for better mileage and wear.

Secondly, the zig zag grooves expel water from the tread area, therefore minimizing the risk of aquaplaning during rain. In addition, a modern rubber compound boosts resistance to cuts and chips, extending the tire's lifespan. Strong sidewalls not only shield the interior from damage but also improve the cornering ability for easy and safe commercial work. The optimized siping distribution adds extra biting edges, delivering a strong surface grip that lowers the rolling resistance. Consequently, fuel usage decreases and so do company costs. Also, the internal structure is designed to protect against punctures, promoting more retread cycles.

At last, the TR689 is available on the US market in some major sizes such as 225/70R19.5 and 245/70R19.5. Besides, Triangle offers a good variety of ply rating options along with speed indexes of L and J to suit the needs of many customers.

Features and benefits

  • Durable drive position tire designed for commercial light trucks.
  • Innovative tread pattern offers strong traction and surface contact in rainy conditions.
  • Advanced rubber formula lowers the impact of cuts and chips for better mileage.
  • Unique stone ejectors and tie bars keep the footprint clean and the shape intact.
  • Strong casing package improves toughness and promotes more retread cycles.
  • Optimized sipe placement boosts road grip by adding more biting edges.

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