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Yokohama ADVAN Sport ZPS is an ultimate high performance and run flat tire developed to deliver competitive grip and maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Thanks to innovative Run Flat technology, this model received the ability to maintain performance and keep moving up to 50 miles at 50 mph, even if the air pressure is lost.

Firstly, this tire comes with a Nano Compound Technology designed to improve tire flexibility and durability for superb performance on wet and dry roads. It is shaped into an innovative pattern. The optimized tread pattern has multiple roles. It distributes a uniform load for long wear. In addition, this tread shows an improved level of noise for comfortable driving.  Moreover, heat resistant tread compound supports the sidewalls in low pressure operation.

To control road stress, Yokohama presents a special groove configuration responsible for improving handling ability. An extra thick sidewall compound coupled with durable bead wire in a hexagonal design lowers the risk of unseating. While four straight circumferential grooves offer quick and efficient water dispersion for enhanced wet traction. Variable rounded groove design combats possible abrasion and increases performance on wet surfaces.

Yokohama ADVAN Sport ZPS is present for US customers in 12 sizes ranging in 16, 17, and 18-inch rim diameters. These come in V, W, and Y-speed ratings to resist up to 186mph.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced UHP summer tire with black sidewall design.
  • Innovative center ribs coupled with large and continuous ribs ensure a dynamic steering feel but also great lateral stability.
  • Reinforced sidewalls offer extra support in special high speed applications.
  • Wide footprint ensures maximum contact with the road for uniform wear and long lasting.
  • Variable rounded groove design improves the road noise for a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Available with Zero Pressure System for a safe and relaxed ride to the nearest tire service.

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