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In the last few years, Zenna has quickly become a trusted brand for drivers looking for affordable and quality tires that can handle special road and weather conditions. One of the most highlighted models from their lineup is Zenna UHP. As the name suggests this tire is an ultra high performance tire developed to meet the needs of many drivers of powerful today's vehicles.

In the production of this model, engineers use the latest technologies and the best materials. More exactly, a silica enriched tread compound is shaped into an an optimized pattern with five ribs. Closed shoulders with three continous center ribs guarantee high road stability and dynamic steering feel. Due to its wide footprint with innovative profile distributes uniform weight for extending the tire's lifespan. On the other side, the pattern design improves road noise for maximum ride comfort. While four linear grooves provide the best water drainage for increased road stability on wet and snowy roads.

Best of all. inside the tire, there is a strong casing with an advanced sidewall compound that support forces generated at high speeds under the weight pressure. Plus, this model has proven its capabilities in the following competitions: Formula Drift AM Champions, Turismo Drift Champions, and Formula Drift Canada Champions. Finally, Zenna UHP is present on the market in a wide range of sizes from 205/40ZR17 to 305/30R26 with V, W, or Y-speed ratings depending on the tire size. In conclusion, it is the best fitment for Audi TT, Porsche Panamera, BMW M4, Jaguar F-type, and Cadillac CTS.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable UHP tire with black and sporty sidewalls.
  • Specialized tread compound delivers high resistance to rapid and uneven wear for the best performance mile after mile.
  • Optimized pattern with a unique design delivers powerful traction in all weather.
  • Four linear grooves along with a heavy siping design improve the road stability through efficient water, snow, and slush evacuations.
  • Advanced structure delivers durability and strength, things important in UHP environments.
  • Covered by a 50,000 miles warranty and 30 days assured guarantee.

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