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    AEOLUS ADC53 (HN353)


    This model is an extra durable drive position tire built for commercial and mixed services, that ensures high traction, firm grip, mileage, cut and chip resistance, and road stability. It is developed to be used in on and off-road applications.

    The ADC53 comes with a specialized tread compound molded into an aggressive look tread design that presents an innovative tread pattern among which open shoulder blocks ensure excellent traction in a wide range of weather conditions, even in off-road environments.  Optimized tread design with arrow-shaped center block increases the braking and traction characteristics, without compromising the tire longevity. Intelligently designed shoulders with plenty of space between them withstand impacts, offering increased traction performance in wet, dry and mixed services environments.

    For safety reasons, it has extra durable tread compound molded into a deeper tread up to 23/32” depth pattern combined with a revolutionary casing structure to increase carrying capability. This model uses an innovative groove design to provide better water, mud and silt evacuation from under the tire footprint, for excellent grip performance. Due to special tread block arrangements, it shows improved stone retention resistance for long-lasting. The tire stands out with steel belts internal construction that promote excellent carrying performance with up to 9370lbs maximum load, which is an important feature in waste haul application.

    Aeolus ADC53 is produced in 20, 22.5, 24 and 24.5-inch sizes, with 16, 18 and 20-ply rating, being one of the best drive position tire options with confident traction and optimal carrying performance suitable with a wide range of commercial vehicles like box trucks, dump trucks, ready mix trucks and waste haul vehicles.

    Features and benefits

    • Extra durable drive tire.
    • Cut and chip resistant tread compound manages off-road abuse and high scrub urban stress.
    • Open shoulders offer incredible traction, and grip performance.
    • Square-shaped tread pattern provides increased heat dissipation, road stability, better pressure distribution, and additional miles.
    • Durable and trustworthy casing improves floatation and grip in soft soil and mud. 
    • High stone drilling/retention resistance thanks to special alternating groove geometry.
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