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Aeolus tire

Aeolus History 

Aeolus is a tire manufacturer founded in 1965 headquartered in Jiaozuo, China. The company markets its products under two global brands: HENAN and AEOLUS. 

The Chinese brand offers a wide range of off-road, radial off-road tires, but also tires for truck and bus light trucks. The Aeolus has one of the biggest manufacturing and research & development spaces of more than 1,300,000 square meters. 

Chinese manufacturer in the last years has received the following important qualifications: 

  • In 1997 China Tire Product Quality Authorization. 

  • 2001-year when Aeolus received ISO 9002 Product Quality Certification. 

  • In 2003- ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Certification. 

  • In 2008 it got European Union Noise Certification. 

AEOLUS counts hundreds of engineers who work on product innovation and the development of new models of tires. Aeolus company exports tires to over 140 countries and regions in the world.   

Most popular Aeolus tires 

The main products include the Military, AGR, Forestry, TBR, PCR, and off-road tires. Over time, Aeolus received a good reputation for its products on the Chinese market, offering both high quality and performance at the same time. 

The most popular Aeolus off-road tires are AE33, A2238, and A2200. These models come with the best grip on all kinds of terrain and extreme applications guaranteeing maximum mileage. 

If you are looking for TBR tires you must keep in mind that the most recommended models are: HN235 REGIONAL, HN226 HIGHWAY, HN228 ON/OFF.

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