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Ultra high performance tires shortly known as UHP are a type of tire designed to provide the best possible performance for sports cars, luxury vehicles, and high-end cars. Engineers use the latest innovations to make the tire deliver high grip, sharp handling, and control, especially at high speeds. If you are looking for a representative model for this category, you should consider the Arroyo Ultra Sport A/S. Optimized pattern with strategically placed tread blocks offers to reduce uneven wearing and outside noise for long and relaxed runs.

For instance, we should mention that it benefits from a unique rubber compound shaped into a unidirectional tread pattern. Wide shoulder blocks with a heavy siping design keep the road under the vehicle offering long life. In addition, there are also two linear grooves with 3D groove walls that reduce the risk of hydroplaning on wet roads, but also reduce noise at the same time. While the 3D sipe design improves all weather capability, thus showing high traction even on snowy roads.

Due to its durable construction that presents a special jointless spiral-wound cap ply, the tire delivers refinement handling and road stability. Best of all, Arroyo Ultra Sport A/S is present on the market in a generous range of sizes. Several of which are 275/45R20, 235/30R22, and 255/50R19. This model is one of the best tires for the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Avalanche, Audi Q8, Porsche Macan, and Ford Expedition.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced UHP tire with stylish sidewalls and great capability in all seasons.
  • Unique rubber compound delivers high road adherence for controlled high speed steering.
  • Directional pattern creates superb water drainage for high aquaplaning resistance.
  • A continuous center rib with arrow shaped design ensures superb ground contact area for extreme control of stability.
  • Light casing with strong sidewalls resists heavy loads at high speeds for secure rides.
  • Covered by 40,000 miles warranty.

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