Cadillac Escalade tires

Cadillac Escalade is a luxury large SUV that has several strengths such as a powerful engine, a large trunk, and a luxurious interior. However, there are some drawbacks: it's a bit difficult to maneuver because of its size and low aerodynamics. It is an imposing car that aims to highlight masculinity, but at the same time, it is the perfect family car.

Most recommended tires for Cadillac Escalade 

The Cadillac Escalade shows superb performance when paired with General Grabber HTS60. General uses Comfort Balance Technology oriented to provide a smoother ride regardless of the type of road. The circumferential grooves and sipes around the tread were specially designed to increase the hydroplaning resistance. The Grabber HTS60 is available in 16 to 22-inch rim diameter sizes, with speed ratings of S, T, and H along with an up to 65,000-mile tread warranty depending on the speed ratings. 

Vogue Signature V Black SCT is designed with the purpose to be an excellent touring tire for sporty crossovers and SUVs. The Vogue engineers use the Tech Comfort Ride and Whisper Tuning technology to ensure a comfortable and quiet ride. The main role of the wide circumferential grooves is to reduce the risk of hydroplaning but also to increase braking performance. Inside the tire, there are two steel belts that have the role to add strength and durability. The Vogue Signature V Black SCT is available in 18 to 22" rim diameter sizes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. 

If you are looking for a tire with off-road properties, the Continental TerrainContact A/T can be the best match. Continental uses ComfortRide technology oriented to reduce noise, offering a more comfortable ride quality. In the production of TerrainContact A/T, the engineers used a unique tread compound that enhances wet traction and adds more stability on the road. Continental offers a range of sizes from 16 to 22-inch rim diameter and a 60,000-mile tread warranty.

Find the right tires for your Cadillac Escalade.

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