Bridgestone R244

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Bridgestone R244

This model is a wide-base all-position tire developed especially to provide enhanced traction, good carrying capacities, improved tread wear, and additional load safety. It is designed to be used in severe-service on-highway regional and short-haul applications.

The R244 comes with a special tread compound molded into a five-rib tread pattern that presents a continuous shoulder design with a large footprint for better pressure distribution providing increased mileage, adherence, and more stability. It uses a 21/32” deep tread pattern to promote casing durability, managing road shocks, and other hazards. Bridgestone engineers use the latest technologies in the tire industry to promote a long life but also to reduce your cost per mile.

For safety reasons this model has special protector ribs on both sidewalls designed to fight damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions. Four wide, deep circumferential grooves provide high aquaplaning resistance by better water and slush dispersion from under the footprint, improving wet braking and traction performance. Thanks to large bead bundle stiffens, this model delivers enhanced resistance to maneuvering scrub and increased tread life. It stands out with its optimized belt package designed to promote uniform wear by evenly distributing payload across the tire contact patch.

Bridgestone R244 is available with 22.5-inch sizes backed by long-lasting treadwear being one of the best all-position tire options for a wide range of commercial vehicles used in goods transportation, but also in some construction applications.

Features and benefits

  • Trustworthy all-position tire.

  • Five-rib design provides better handling responsiveness, improved traction, quiet ride and road stability.

  • Special sidewall protector ribs promote additional casing durability.

  • Innovative groove geometry and stone rejector platforms reduce stone retention and drilling.

  • Multi-rib design for quieter and comfortable ride experience.

  • Strong bead construction reduces deflection improving tire integrity.

  • High carrying capacity for additional payload.

  • An optimized belt package reduces the risk of irregular wear.

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