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All of us are different but we have one thing in common, and that is the fact that we want the best deal when it comes to buying new tires. NeoTires is your partner which can provide the best tires at affordable prices. If you are looking for high mileage, powerful traction, and safety for sure you should check the Durun product lineup. For example, one of the most popular tires in the last years is the Durun A2000.

Above all, we should mention that A2000 is an HP all season tire developed to fit a wide range of passenger cars in their daily applications. It uses a special rubber compound shaped into a multi pitch pattern design. The tread offers high wear resistance that increases performance and tire lifespan. As a result, you save money and can enjoy the best ride mile after mile. Wide shoulders with a unique arc-shaped design enhance steering precision for the dynamic and enjoyable feeling of driving. In addition, all season pattern with four linear grooves and innovative center ribs improve tires' adaptivity in variable weather conditions. In other words, the Durun A2000 gives you peace of mind.

Moving to the internal part of the tire, here we have an advanced casing coupled with a strong sidewall compound. These work in tandem to offer enough durability to handle easy vehicle weight but also road shocks. In terms of presence on the market, it stays very well. It is designed in many popular sizes with rim diameters of 13", 14", 15" and 16". Depending on the tire size, it comes with SL or XL load ranges.

Features and benefits

  • Great all season tire with black and stylish sidewall design.
  • Special tread formula offers both wear resistance and grip power.
  • Heavy siped center ribs guarantee steering precision for more vehicle control.
  • Four linear grooves with arc-shaped shoulder design offer high aquaplaning resistance for safe rides on wet roads even at high speeds.
  • Multi pitch pattern inhibits road noise, thus offering a comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Covered by a great manufacturer warranty.

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