It is time to describe 185/70R14 tires. This is a common tire size used frequently on many compact and midsize cars, and there are several all-season tires available in this size from various manufacturers. Here are some general considerations when it comes to the comfort, handling, traction, and stability of 185/70R14  tires:

  • Stability: Many all-season products provide good stability and resistance to hydroplaning for a controlled ride.
  • Traction: Year-round rubbers ensure good capability in a variety of weather conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow.
  • Handling: These deliver good handling and steering, which can be important for drivers who want to feel connected to the road.
  • Comfort: This type of rubber provides a comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and imperfections.

In conclusion, the specific performance of an all-season tire in this size range can vary depending on the brand and model. It's important to consider factors like pattern design, casing, and materials when choosing the best option for your vehicle.

The 185/70R14 tires are the specific fitment for Ford Fusion, Honda Civic, and old Toyota Corolla. The most highlighted tire models for presented vehicles are Accelera Eco Plush, General Altimax RT43, GT Radial Maxtour All Season, Hankook Kinergy ST, and Westlake RP18.

Best 185/70R14 Tires

For instance, get to know GT Radial MaxTour All Season. It is a stylish passenger tire with a black sidewall design. The MaxTour meets the needs of many drivers who are looking for good traction, optimal braking, and fuel efficiency. This comes with an innovative tread compound molded into an optimized tread design. It presents five ribs engineered to ensure reliable year-round traction, responsive handling, and a quiet ride. In addition, a solid center rib increases straight-line stability. It stands out with its Variable Pitch Technology developed to reduce road noise, for a smooth and quiet ride. For safety reasons, zigzag sipes improve grip and biting edges for the best year-round performance. To reduce the risk of losing contact with the road due to water on the surface, this model benefits from four wide grooves coupled with special lateral grooves. Covered by 60,000 miles warranty.

Another outstanding model for small cars is Westlake RP18. This one is an advanced tire designed to provide good performance in a variety of weather conditions. In the production of RP18, Westlake uses an advanced rubber compound shaped into a modern pattern optimized for wet and dry surfaces. Wide tread grooves and lateral shoulder grooves evacuate rapid water from the tire's contact patch. As a result, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Heavy siping design work in tandem with small slits in the tread blocks, which help to provide additional biting edges for high grip on wet or snowy roads. Due to a modern tread pattern and a special compound, it absorbs bumps and noise on the road. While durable construction resists damage from road hazards. Backed by 45,000 mileage.

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