This model is an eco-friendly UHP all-season tire built for a wide range of passenger cars to provide comfort, long lasting, responsive handling and fuel-efficiency.

The Evoluzion AS-1 comes with a silica-reinforced year-round tread compound molded into an innovative tread design that presents five ribs with special shoulder blocks engineered to promote lateral stability, traction, and a comfortable ride. Due to a solid center rib, and special tie bars, this tire ensures precise steering and more straight-line stability on the road. Federal engineers use innovative technologies like Elimination of Highly Aromatic oils to minimize environmental impact. It uses a heat dissipation all-season tread compound that ensures more tread flexibility in low temperatures conditions for more road adherence during winter season.

Two wide and two thin circumferential grooves combined with numerous blade-shaped grooves deliver high aquaplaning resistance by better water/slush/snow evacuation from under the tire footprint for vehicle control in slippery road conditions. Thanks to special tread design with many sipes, it shows enough braking performance necessary to stop the vehicle in short distance.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced UHP all-season tire.

  • Solid center rib and tie bars ensure straight-line stability and precise steering.

  • Quiet and comfortable driving due to enclosed tread pattern that minimize the road noise and vibrations.

  • Special designed shoulder blocks promote lateral stability, and long-lasting.

  • Four circumferential grooves combined with open blade-shaped grooves ensure powerful braking, strong acceleration, and handling performance.

  • HA oil Free reduces exhaust emissions and environment impact, improving the rolling resistance.