Hankook VENTUS S1 NOBLE2 H452

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Hankook Ventus S1 noble2 is a premium performance all season tire developed to meet the needs of many passenger cars. When we talk about this tire we should point out that it is present in two versions: a standard H452 and a run flat version(H452B). The main difference between these two is the sidewall construction. The Ventus S1 Noble2 (H452) comes with traditional casing construction, while the run flat version (H452B) has reinforced sidewall construction that supports the vehicle's load in the event of air loss, and keeps moving up to 50 miles.

Above all, it comes with a specialized tread compound shaped into an asymmetrical tread pattern. Wide shoulder blocks provide high resistance to lateral forces in fast corners. Advanced aqua hydro block design developed through 3D hydroplaning simulation keeps your vehicle controlled and provides short braking distance even during heavy rains. Hankook uses the latest innovations like 3D Vibration Analysis technology and Five Pitch Design technology. These help to deliver uniform contact pressure on the center and shoulder blocks for the best braking performance, and minimal road noise.

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 has triple radius profile technology that ensures maximum grip in high speed conditions. Moreover, it has integrated two wide steel belts and tough construction. As a result, it protects the tire's structure for an extended lifespan. Special designed rubber sheet placed between the first and second belts helps to prevent separation in the tire's belt edge and enhance durability. Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 is designed for the US market in many sizes with 17, 18, 19, and 20-inch rim diameters with H, V, or W-speed ratings. In conclusion, based on a lot of feedbacks, it is the best all season tire for passenger cars.

Note: Limited sizes are compatible with run flat technology.

Features and benefits

  • Performance all season tire with black sidewalls.
  • Multi rib pattern with a heavy siping design improves driving performance for a precise steering feel.
  • Advanced casing allows high speed performance up to 168mph.
  • 3D kerf sipes keep a stable shape during acceleration, corners, and braking.
  • Available with Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology minimize the risk of profile deformation.
  • The winner of the iF Design Award in 2015.
  • Covered by a 50,000 mileage warranty.
Technical specs
Mileage Warranty 50000
Load Index 99
Speed Index H
Load Range SL
Sidewall BSW
UTQG 500 A A
Wet Traction A
Tread Depth 10.3/32nds
Inflation Pressure 51 PSI
Section Width 9.6"
Rim Range 7.5"
Overall Diameter 28.3"
Part Number 1015408

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