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Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT is an advanced all season tire. This model is built to be mounted on a wide range of luxury CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. It stands out with its exclusive and patented white/gold sidewall design.

Above all, Custom Built Radial SCT comes with a special tread compound, which is molded into an optimized tread pattern. In addition, it has five ribs along with curved shoulders that increase road stability. Solid center rib improves handling offering high straight-line stability. It also offers low rolling resistance, for less annual costs and additional miles. In other words, this model promotes tread flexibility in low temperatures for confident traction.

The tire has an innovative footprint that increases contact with the road for better pressure distribution without sacrificing miles. Moreover, it presents a robust sidewall package that ensures minimal sidewall flex. Four straight grooves along with a slant design increase the hydroplaning resistance for additional vehicle control in wet, snowy, and dry conditions.

Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 20 to 24-inch sizes with H-speed ratings. In conclusion,  it is one of the best all season tire options for owners of GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade, and Ford F150.

Features and benefits

  • Trustworthy all season tire.
  • A durable sidewall package adds more durability and strength.
  • Extreme silica technology and solid center rib promote responsive handling at the high speed.
  • Four straight grooves and open lateral grooves offer excellent aquaplaning resistance.
  • Specialized tuned body ply construction ensures a comfortable and silent ride.
  • Backed by 60,000 miles limited tread warranty.

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