About us

Here at NeoTires, we make sure that you are going to find whatever tires you need for the cheapest prices on the market. You can find here the most popular tire brands and regardless which one you choose – you’re guaranteed to save money compared to prices on other tire websites. You can save up to 90%. You could save about $100 for a single tire. NeoTires is always going to maintain cheapest prices offering top tire brands for discounted prices such as: Michelin, Continental, BFGoodrich, Firestone, Toyo, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Nexen and many others. 

We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we carefully read all messages trying to respond to them as fast as possible in best possible way trying to find the best solution so YOU to be happy. That’s why we’re offering a No Hassle 90 Day Money Back Guarantee policy on all tires you can buy here. We’re having up to 55% off retail prices and that’s why those extremely low prices would make sure that buying a new set of tires isn’t going to be as expensive anymore. 

Needless to mention how important tires are for your safeness on the road and that’s why replacing new tires is so important. Whether you got a flat tire and driving on a spare one, want more performance or don’t have enough tread – tires is perhaps one of the most important thing when talking about vehicles. In addition, not having enough tread or not driving on those matching the manufacturer’s requirements might result in a ticket. So save your money. Nevertheless, we also understand that the money for replacing new tires might be too much. That’s why we’re constantly offering discounts so you could get affordable tires for good prices.

We have been in the tire business since 2019, but we’re already having a huge success taken in consideration we know how to satisfy a customer. We know it because we’re a team of professionals that is having more than 15 years of experience. With NeoTires, you will be safe on the road as we got you covered with the tires that fits your vehicle in terms of size, make and model and plus to that, we make sure not to make a black hole in your pocket. 

If you would buy from NeoTires we guarantee you would have an amazing experience making you want to come back each time when you’re going to need new tires. 

Our Mission

Tire replacement is something extremely important. We’re working on a daily basis to ensure a better experience to everyone at NeoTires as well as to save customer’s time, nerves and money each time when it comes to replacing new tires. That’s why, if you’re thinking about new “shoes” for your car, let us do our job and you will be happy. 

Everyone is welcome, and after the first experience with us, everyone would love NeoTires. That’s because it helps you to get whatever you need and much cheaper, much faster. With NeoTires you’re going to feel smart with your choices, you will feel good as in a way or another, you’re getting the job done, but you also save money and not have too much hassle. 

We’re everything about tires, trying to make it:

  • Better
  • Easier
  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Simpler 

How NeoTires Works?

  • Find the Perfect Tires. Here you are capable to choose from over 53 million tires from over 300 brands and more than 10,000 installation centers. All at NeoTires at one click away. Easy search, easy buy. 
  • Schedule Installation. After you’ve found the ideal tires for your vehicle, just choose from one of our many pre-certified service centers to have them installed, or simply ship them to your home.
  • Payment Methods. You can choose from a variety of payment options, as we’re very flexible with the payments. You simply pay with your monthly bill by using a bank transfer, a credit card or check. 
  • You’re All Set. From the very first step all the way up to the installation of your tires, we guarantee that you’re going to have a much better experience at NeoTires compared to other sources. 

Bonuses and Advantages NeoTires

  • Gift Cards. We’re having various gift cards for you and your friends. For example, friend referral would result in you receiving one gift card.
  • Military Discount. We are going to offer discount for the U.S. military. 
  • Free Shipping. We guarantee to offer a fast shipping but we’re also offering free shipping option too.
  • Easy Returns. We accept returns of unmounted tires in case something goes wrong. 

NeoTires Story

NeoTires is the best tire company that is USA based and although is in tire business since 2019, we’re a team of professionals with vast experience and knowledge about this business and about tires in general. We’re a modern business that has linked numerous independent tire distributors all across the country into one online commercial network called NeoTires. 

We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we would try our best to keep the satisfaction at the highest level possible through various different methods we learn and use on a daily basis. We work so the process of purchasing tires to be overall much pleasant, easier, faster and less pricey. 

Use NeoTires once and you would use NeoTires forever. We’re having an easy to use site offering the ability to choose from over 53 million of different tires, 300 tire brands with stretches across the country with over 10,000 installers and 3,000 independent supply points. All of this can be easily accessed. Fast, simple, cheap.

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