Tire financing

Neotires always encourages drivers to be visionary and equip themselves with the right tires beforehand. This gives them enough time to analyze various models and choose the most suitable tires without haste. In addition, drivers have a good chance to benefit from discounts, deals, and promotions when they plan their purchases beforehand.

However, we know better than anyone how unpredictable a tire purchase can be. Sometimes, drivers find themselves in emergencies that require them to buy tires "right away" even at the sacrifice of a not-very-advantageous price.

In this sense, one of Neotires' credos is to be a reliable ally in emergencies and to meet with the facilitation of payments for any set of tires. Thus, we have established convenient financing programs with some of our partners for the comfort of drivers who urgently need tires but cannot pay for them right away.

Thus, any driver can buy a tire or the full set right away while paying for them later. This possibility solves the urgency of new tires even when you haven't planned a budget for them. Besides our traditional payment options like Apple/Google Pay, Paypal, and Direct Bank Transfer (ACH), two additional services are available for installment payment programs. These are Affirm and Klarna Card Services (both Credit/Debit) willing to help our customers have the tires they want right away.

Neotires Trustworthy Financing Options


Affirm is a transparent, fair, and very flexible service. The company does not aim to take commissions from its physical customers. It earns its commission from businesses, which means that physical customers are in complete safety and comfort from the perspective of payments.

Affirm offers Neotires customers the opportunity to get the tires they need without any hidden fees. Customers also have the opportunity to choose between payment rates between 3 and 12 months, as is more convenient for them. Learn more about Affirm benefits and trust it as a reliable partner.


Klarna is another partner with very flexible payment conditions. According to Klarna's conditions, customers can choose when and how much to pay for their financial comfort. As such, customers can opt for installments between 6 to 24 months and the possibility of a payoff whenever the customer decides.

It is enough to have a Klarna account to benefit from the special financing conditions of Neotires tires. Learn more about Klarna's service advantages and use it whenever you need it.


PayPal is a safe and well-recognized platform all over the world. It offers advantageous payment services that are approved in just a few moments. Whenever you choose the right tires, choose the PayPal payment method for fast, intuitive, and easy payment. It is necessary to have an active account on this platform to manage Neotires purchases. Learn more about PayPal services and their full benefits.

Apple/Google Pay

Google/Apple Pay is an extremely flexible service for paying for online purchases only by confirming the payment on your digital device. It is synchronized with your wallet from your Android or IOS device.

Benefit from our flexible tire financing program whenever you need it. With this program, you don't have to delay buying new tires and pay hassle-free for up to 2 years. For any additional info, feel free to get in touch with our online assistance.



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