Meet the Tire Contact Patch
What is the tire contact patch? It's just what it sounds like: The external part of the tire that comes into direct contact with the road, or any other kind of surface you happen to be driving over. We're not talking about a very large area here. In fact, a typical tire contact patch is about the size of your hand.
Price Difference For Mud Tires
When you have a good Four Wheel Drive (FWD) SUV or a truck equipped with the right tires, you are able to overtake any mud without any issues. Taken in consideration that we’re in the “muddy” season, is the perfect time to check what tires you should have to be sure you won’t have any problems passing through a difficult mud. First thing that you should know is that those tires having the “M/T” signs indicate that they are for Mud and Trails. If your tires do not have this sign, we recommend you to stay away from mud. Such types of tires are having a really aggressive tread and an overall really strong carcass. These tires are made for enduring the damage that unpaved surfaces, ruts, rocks and mud may make.
Michelin Premier Vs Defender. Who wins the battle?
If you are at the crossroads of choosing between Michelin Premier and Defender this blog might be useful and interesting for you. All seasons tires are very popular due to their practicability and no need to be changed every season. With a lifespan of over 60,000-80,000 miles, they do their job for years. It is well known that Michelin is a manufacturer that proved its leadership over the years in the tires market though-out its quality. Even though both tires are in the same price range, they have different features.

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