Frequently Asked Questions

Are tires on NeoTires all brand new?

Can I cancel an order in case I already placed one but changed my mind? 

Can I enter some special delivery instructions for my tires?

Can I get DOT codes before purchasing the tires?

Can we negotiate with the prices listed on your website?

Do I need to create an account to place an order? 

Do you accept a return if the tires have been installed? 

Do you have a Road Hazard program?

Do you offer any military discounts?

Do you offer coupon codes or any promotions?

How can I be sure that it is safe to make a purchase through your website?

How long does it take for my payment to be confirmed and start order processing?

How much will tire installation cost at your installation centers?

How old are the tires you sell? How can I check that?

How to pay for tire installation?

How will my brand-new tires be shipped?

I forgot my password. Can I reset my password?

I have an installation service center myself. Can I have my shop added to NeoTires’ preferred installation center list?

I have scheduled an installation appointment but I need to reschedule it. How do I do that?

I need to file a Road Hazard claim, how do I do that?

I received the tires but I changed my mind. Can I return them back?

I selected the installation option at the checkout. How do I know that my scheduled installation appointment is confirmed? 

I want to get tires shipped to an installation center not included on NeoTires’ list. Can you do that?

I want to pay in monthly installments. Do you have this option?

I would like to pick up my tires myself instead of being shipped. Any options?

Is an email address important for completing the order at NeoTires?

My coupon/promotion code does not apply to the order. Why?

My rights, guarantees, and warranties are the same if purchasing online or do they somehow differ from regular shops?

Not sure about the tire size. Can you help me?

What are the benefits of having a login account at NeoTires?

What are the delivery options?

What are the operating hours at NeoTires?

What are the shipping and delivery fees?

What if the tires that I ordered are no longer available? 

What is Shipping and Delivery Cost?

What is the Road Hazard warranty coverage period?

What is your privacy policy?

What payment options do you accept at NeoTires?

What should I have at the installation appointment? 

What to do after I submit information for a manufacturer’s rebate? 

What to do in case the tires I received are not those that I ordered?

What warranty policy does NeoTires offer?

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