Best Truck Tires To Consider In 2024

Best Truck Tires To Consider In 2024

After choosing the vehicle, choosing the right tires for it is probably one of the most difficult tasks. Not only do you have to take into account the right tire size and rating, but you also have to choose the tire tread according to the road conditions as well as weather versatility. Things become even more complex when picking the right tires for trucks and pickups. These massive and powerful vehicles need the right tires to deliver confident traction and impressive durability.

The Neotires team is committed to talking with various experts in the field. Following these discussions, we have identified a list of potential tires that would comfort you if you own a pickup or truck. The specialty of trucks and pickups is rolling on both smooth and rough terrain. So, it's critical to choose a set that covers both road conditions.

What Tires Are Recommended for Pickups and Trucks?

Drivers face difficulties in choosing tires for trucks. On one hand, they want beefy tires that deal well with harsh surfaces. However, such tires are not exactly the most suitable for smooth roads as these generate a lot of noise.

On the other hand, choosing good tires for comfort and quietness is not always equivalent to durability and solid traction on rough terrain. So, the confusion between different types of tires generates frustration and nerves. Ultimately, drivers end up buying the wrong tires for their trucks and pickups.

In this context, pickup owners narrow down their options to all-terrain tires. These are the most optimal for the surfaces that trucks and pickups cover most often. The specificity of all-terrain tires lies in their reasonable balance between highway performance and rough terrain. As a result, pickup and light truck drivers can enjoy decent comfort on smooth roads AND confident traction when on uneven and aggressive terrains.

Now that you already know which tires fit best with your pick-up and truck, let's see what selection of models the experts propose. Read on to learn their specifics and advantages, as well as their shortcomings to expect.

What Other Tires Are Available For Pickups?

While all-terrain tires are the most common option, this is not the only one compatible with pickups and trucks. Before deciding on a certain tire, we strongly encourage you to determine the type of road you are going to use your vehicle on. In addition to all-terrain tires, the following types of tires are also available for pickups and trucks:

  • Highway Tires
  • Snow Tires
  • Mud Tires

All-terrain or hybrid tires that we talked about previously are the best options when drivers roll on both smooth and rough terrain in a ratio of approximately 50/50. But if they spend most of their driving time on their pickups on paved roads, then highway tires would be a better option. Their DNA is all about performance and agility. But, they won't give drivers confidence and reliability when they arrive on uneven and difficult terrain.

In contrast, mud tires are also a viable option for trucks and pickups. But these should be considered only when the mud and sticky road material are a permanent condition. These tires have a special architecture that "swallows" the mud and efficiently evacuates it from the tread. If the mud is missing from the equation and this tire rolls on smooth pavement, it will generate noise and discomfort because it is not meant for these conditions.

Ultimately, hybrid or all-terrain tires are those that combine the advantages of the 2 types of tires mentioned above. These are synonymous with both decent off-road performance and street comfort. If you are one of those who travel both on pavement and on difficult terrains during your weekend adventures, then all-terrain tires should comfort you the best.

What To Consider Before Buying Pickup and Truck Tires?

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider before venturing into buying tires for your truck. The more careful you are when choosing tires, the greater the chances of finding the right tire. So, start by determining what types of road you will cover with the truck when it's time for new tires. The specifics of the roads will determine the type of tires you need.

Urban areas go well with highway tires. Muddy and rocky areas go well with mud tires. Subsequently, areas combining both types of surfaces go well with all-terrain tires. That simple. The type of tire will dictate the performance you will have on various roads. The tread and formula of each type are specially built to match the specific surfaces of different roads. So before venturing into buying "any" pickup tire, take your time to estimate the types of roads you are going to cover predominantly.

Size Matters

After deciding on the tire type, please be careful with the right size of your truck tire. It's a common thing for truck drivers to make modifications in tire widths and diameters. But they must necessarily take into account suspension lifts and offsets, as well as other aftermarket changes. If the pickup has undergone any modifications before you buy it, make sure you choose the right size to match them. Now that you are more prepared in terms of truck and pickup tires, let's see which are the most recommended models according to reviews and expert tests. We will list various types of tires so that you can choose the one that best corresponds to your road conditions.

All Terrain Tires For Trucks And Pickups

Nitto Ridge Grappler

This tire offers a wonderful balance between performance on highways and top-notch traction on difficult roads. In addition, it has a special formula that ensures decent longevity and impressive resistance to various impacts and obstacles.

The Nitto Ridge Grappler is a very popular and extremely popular all-terrain option among pickup owners. The tire comes with a chunky look and pattern that guarantees reliable performance on harsh surfaces. At the same time, it delivers great drivability when you reach smooth surfaces without major compromises in comfort.

In addition, the Ridge Grappler stands out for its decent noise suppression on highways. When on aggressive terrains, its special geometry bites confidently from its surface delivering powerful and reliable traction.

In conclusion, the Ridge Grappler is a great option for those who cover about 50/50 of highway and difficult surfaces. While durability and heavy-duty construction are a strong advantage, this leaves room for a little better in wet traction. That's the only aspect where the Ridge Grappler might need some improvements. For the rest, both drivers and experts are fully satisfied with its reliability.

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Toyo Open Country A/T III

We have mentioned this tire countless times in our blog. And that's because the all-terrain capabilities of the Open Country A/T III indeed are spectacular. The product has performance properties equal to off-road traction and confidence and marvelous handling and precision on the road.

This tire stands out for its solid grip and impressive braking response. In addition, the Open Country A/T III has a void area responsible for improved traction on various surfaces. What's more, its construction and design inhibit external noises to improve the motorists' driving experience.

Having been in rough environments, the tire performs wonderfully thanks to its potent biting edges. It gains traction with confidence and maintains impressive stability when cornering. What's more, this tire is a good ally in winter conditions because its multi-wave sipes ensure increased grip on ice and snow.

In addition to this benefit, Nitto also brings the advantage of a treadwear warranty of up to 70,000 miles. So far, this tire performed very decently for the purposes for which it was created. Its only flaw is its price above the market average, which could be a deal breaker for many.

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Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

This Falken product must be under the radar of drivers who prioritize aggressive tread. That's because the WildPeak A/T3W has the deepest tread in the LT size class. The aggressiveness and depth of the tread are the guarantee of superb traction on harsh terrains and deep snow blocks. Mater-of-factly, this is a superb winter tire that has 3PMSF certification. This speaks of the strength of its confidence to face the challenges of severe winters.

Another attractive benefit of the Wildpeak A/T3W is its impressively advantageous price compared to the competition. Despite this though, the quality and reliability off/on-road and snow is not sacrificed at all. Its downside consists of poor mud capabilities, but this is a characteristic aspect of all-terrain tires.

We recommend this model for pickup and truck drivers who have to face 2 main challenges: severe snow and harsh off-road surfaces. At the same time, the Wildpeak A/T3W will do great on pavement providing nice drivability and noise control.

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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

The All-Terrain T/A KO2 has also reached the eyes of experts for its fantastic on and off-road performance. It is to be expected as its design is so chunky and durable that it seems to you that this tire can do it all. First of all, the All-Terrain T/A KO2 has an extraordinarily durable construction. It resists chips, cuts, and punctures like a pro. Secondly, the All-Terrain T/A KO2 copes wonderfully with the harsh winter conditions because it is 3PMSF-certified.

The tire architecture consists of a computer-optimized pattern. This means that each molecule in it serves a certain, well-defined purpose. Interlocking tread blocks, high-void terrain geometry, detailed siping, and self-cleaning technologies all work together to ensure superb off-road traction.

At the same time, the tire becomes highly maneuverable and responsive when it hits good pavement. This seems to adapt to the specifics of the road, delivering in the end exactly that performance that the driver needs.

While these benefits sound surprisingly optimistic, the problem is that finding an All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire can be difficult. The availability of this model is somehow limited and it may take you some time until you come across one. Still, you can find it at NeoTires. 

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Highway Tires For Trucks And Pickups

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

In comparison with A/T tires, the highway ones will endow the pickups with more precise and agile handling. In addition, they also stand out for smoother and more fuel-efficient rides. if these benefits tempt you, then highway tires are the right way to go. Just remember that off-road performance is not their strong point.

The first tire worth mentioning in terms of solid highway performance is the Michelin Defender LTX M/S. These advantages include but are not limited to great wet and dry stability, impressive refinement in terms of comfort and noise, and solid year-round traction.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the longevity of this model. While serving reliably and long, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S corresponds phenomenally well to the powerful torque of the pickups.

Weather versatility is another asset of this product. Michelin has made it suitable to combat water, reduce braking distance, balance wet handling, as well as cope decently even with light snow.

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S can solve it all when it's about highway performance with trucks and pickups. Its only shortcoming consists of winter performance limitations. But this is forgivable because after all, all-season tires are not designed for winter solid performance.

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Toyo Proxes S/T III

Toyo also has impressive models for trucks and pickups to be proud of. One of them is the Proxes S/T III product that guarantees a superb road grip thanks to its silica-high formula. the Proxes S/T III is a very versatile tire. You can count on it in wet, dry, hot, or cold conditions. Its performance does not depend on the temperature change.

In addition, Toyo endowed it with a special rubber formula to ensure good wear resistance. While providing nice and smooth highway driving, it is expected to last up to 40,000 miles according to the brand's warranty. We have to admit that the warranty sounds good considering that many of the highway tires can last up to 35,000 miles.

A unique aspect of this product is its attractive design. Tire aesthetics is an asset of the Toyo tire manufacturer and the Proxes S/T III proves it. It looks very sporty and adds a special vibe to trucks and pickups.

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Continental TerrainContact H/T All Season

This post would not be complete if there was no Continental model in it. One of the best deals for trucks and pickups is the TerrainContact H/T All-Season tire. It delivers an exceptional highway performance. This benefit is available at a very reasonable price, by the way, which is why this tire is one of the drivers' favorites.

As befits an all-season tire, the TerrainContact H/T promises reliable versatility in various weather conditions. It grips firmly on both dry and wet surfaces. Moreover, it promises to perform very decently in mild off-road conditions when it's the case.

On the whole, the TerrainContact H/T All Season is a very stylish tire. In addition, its warranty is worth between 60,000 and 70,000 miles depending on metric sizes. The only thing this tire lacks is towing abilities, but this shortcoming is not critical for an all-season tire.

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Mud Terrain Tires For Pickups And Trucks

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T

If mud conditions predominate in your driving, then mud tires are the right way to go. These are the most suitable for sand, gravel, sticky road material, and snow. Their tread is specially designed to evacuate the material from them and establish good traction despite it. A good example of this is the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tire.

According to tests and reviews, this product is synonymous with superior off-road handling. What else can you expect from Mickey Thompson? This tire maker knows better than anyone how to design durability, power, high performance, and comfort in its tires.

Notably, the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tire combines a wide variety of advantages. This promises impressive mud performance and outstanding chip resistance. What's more, you can expect decent reliability against sharp rocks and other mud terrain obstacles. This is due to the ultra-strong construction and silica-reinforced formula.

In addition, the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tire has powerful bitters that, apart from looking impressively aggressive, provide secure and confident off-road traction. Last but not least, the generous number of grooves and sipes ensure good maneuverability and stability on snow and wet roads.

This tire is probably the most capable mud option out there. It comes with solid liveability and decent behavior on pavements. Still, its selling point is its impressive off-road capabilities that the competition can hardly match.

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BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Another mud option to consider is the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tire. This combines in itself the surprisingly advantageous price, weather versatility, and obviously, solid mud performance.

The tire maker prioritized grip with rocky and slick surfaces. Every molecule in it focuses on establishing firm traction. Its specific and aggressive sculpture powerfully captures the sticky material, quickly removing it from the tread through its self-cleaning technologies.

At the same time, the tire formula ensures outstanding protection against small and large damages, which translates into durability worthy of appreciation. Last but not least, the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 does great in wet conditions as the lateral notches and wide grooves do not allow water to be retained much in the tread.

On top of that, the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 does a great job in light wintery conditions. it has the M+S symbol which speaks of its reliable weather versatility.

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Milestar Patagonia M/T

Here you have, perhaps, a less popular tire but in no case less performance. It is about the Milestar Patagonia M/T product that brings the benefit of an affordable price with decent mud reliability.

The muddy abilities of the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire are due to its specific construction. This is notable for its angled biting edges and siping details. Their role is to ensure good traction and solid grip in loose and dirty terrain. Notably, the tire maker has incorporated a high-void design that helps to quickly remove debris and material from the tire's external structure.

In addition, the tire turns out to be pretty reliable on on-road surfaces. Its integrated rib helps to balance the noises and a decent comfort.

On the whole, the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire brings what other mud tires don't- nice and smooth on-road performance AND decent traction in the dirt. If you are not a demanding driver with overly sophisticated requirements, this product is highly likely to comfort you.

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Which Tire Brand Is Best For Trucks And Pickups?

We dare not mention a specific brand for trucks and pickups. Almost all tire makers produce tires for these vehicles and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. What really matters is that the pickup tire meets your road and weather needs. Also, the tire should have a generous warranty to justify its price, especially if it is a more expensive tire.

Reputable brands offer plenty of choices. As you saw in the article above, they all stand out for their phenomenal performance on the roads for which they were created. So, picking a truck tire from a reliable brand is a great idea. In most cases, their higher prices are justified by superior quality and performance.

But that doesn't mean you have to deny the lesser-known brands. Some manufacturers might be less marketed, but they propose impressive deals. So, take your time to analyze thoroughly each model and overlap it with your needs.

How Much Do Pickup And Truck Tires Cost On Average?

As a general rule, pickup tires are available at a relatively higher price than traditional passenger tires, for example. This is explained by their larger shape and formula, which requires more rubber and additional components. The purpose of a truck tire is to withstand heavy loads and severe road conditions. As such, these aspects add some bucks to their final price.

In addition, the price depends on the weather performance of the tires. All-season truck tires will be cheaper than snow truck ones. On average, a set of 4 truck tires revolves around $1k. However, you might get some great seasonal deals that would allow you to cut the price. You could follow Neotires' deals to catch some great truck tire discounts.

Trucks Tires: FAQs

What Are Truck Tires Called?

Truck tires are specially designed for light or heavy-duty vehicles. They have reinforced construction to provide resistance to additional cargo and stress. As a rule, tire makers categorize truck tires into 3 segments: mud-terrain truck tires, for muddy surfaces, max-traction truck tires, for superior traction and resistance, and all-terrain truck tires for versatility in various road conditions.

How Are Truck Tires Different?

The construction of truck tires considers the heavy-duty tasks that trucks are generally subjected to. This means that these tires have a more solid and fortified construction. The internal construction and the rubber formula are harder, making them optimal for additional load.

Can I Put Truck Tires on a Car?

Specialists do not recommend mounting truck tires on regular sedan passenger cars. Truck tires are too incompatible with cars because they do not consider the specifics of small vehicles, but light- or heavy-duty ones. Consequently, coupling truck tires with cars may lead to impaired riding experience, damage to suspension, and poor handling. Equipping light or heavy-duty trucks with regular passenger tires is also not rational.

What Is Truck Tire Size?

As a general guideline, truck tires revolve around 17.5" to 22.5" inches. These sizes are generally compatible with light trucks, trucks, pickups, semi-trailers, and trailers.

Why Are Truck Tires Expensive?

Truck tires must withstand the cargo that trucks usually carry. To make them resistant and durable to weight abuse, tire makers use rubber technologies and special fortified internal constructions meant to guarantee tire resistance. These aspects add value to the tire price tag.

Why Do Trucks Have 2 Wheels?

Some heavy-duty trucks have 2 additional wheels in the rear part of the vehicle. This type of vehicle is even more resistant to additional load than light trucks with ordinary wheels. The greater the load on the vehicle, the more its stability and braking abilities are reduced. A dual wheel on the rear ensures more solid braking power and better maneuverability in the context of higher weights.

Why Trust Us?

The NeoTires team focuses on the result. We aim for our customers to drive confidently and safely in any condition with the right tires for their needs. For this purpose, we formed a team in which each member has solid experience in this industry. Our mechanics have a background of more than 10 years. Our testers are passionate about driving and evaluating various tires from various perspectives at the highest level. Also, our content creators ensure the integrity of our safety and tire maintenance tips from official sources validated by experts.

With these premises, feel free to contact us for services, assistance, and high-quality products. Our primary goal is not to sell tires but to match the driver's needs with the right tires in the most favorable conditions. Drive safe and choose your tires wisely!

Brian Darr is a passion-driven enthusiast who has become an expert in the tire industry. His passion for rubber started with his first driving experience. He firmly believes that the performance and safety of any vehicle are due, first of all, to the quality of the tires mounted on it.
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