BKT TR 171 R-1W

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As we witness the rapid evolution of farming techniques and equipment, the role of agriculture tires has never been more significant. Meet the BKT TR 171 - your trusty companion in soil tillage operations. Moreover, this rear position tire is ideal for wet and moist soil conditions thanks to its strong self cleaning ability.

Primarily, the BKT TR 171 comes with an aggressive tread pattern designed to excel in harsh environments. Specifically, the overlap design at the center improves stability and traction, regardless of conditions. Strong tie bars connect the blocks together to prevent deformation under high load stress, ensuring a long service life for the tire. Besides, the high void ratio keeps the footprint clean of water, mud, soil, and other ground parts that might clog it. Thanks to this, safety is increased and the risk of slipping is reduced, leading to more safety and control.

In addition, the rounded shoulder edges apply a soft touch on the surface, thus minimizing ground compaction. On the other hand, the optimized void on the side of the blocks adds extra biting edges, improving traction and grip. Its durable sidewalls offer protection from lateral impacts, preventing abrasions and punctures. They also upgrade the maximum load capacity, supporting weights of up to 6,400 lbs per single tire, depending on the size. A tube type build adds another layer of protection against deep cuts, promoting higher durability. What's more, fuel efficiency increases thanks to the modern rubber compound that keeps the rolling resistance low. At last, the BKT TR 171 is available in many sizes from 12" up to 38" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • High quality rear tractor tire designed for soil tillage operations.
  • Strong self cleaning ability makes it suitable for wet and moist conditions.
  • Angled tread blocks provide excellent traction and grip when maneuvering.
  • Robust sidewalls protect the wheel from lateral impacts to avoid downtimes.
  • Optimized rubber compound minimizes fuel usage and resists constant wear.

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