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    Continental Conti Hybrid HD3

    This model is a durable fuel-efficient drive position tire developed for commercial use providing load safety, high traction, uniform tread wear for extra mileage, and additional road adherence. It is designed to be used in long-haul highway and regional applications.

    The Conti Hybrid HD3 comes with a SmartWay Verified tread compound molded into an optimized directional tread pattern that presents a six-rib with a large footprint for better pressure distribution providing increased mileage, adherence, and more stability at the same time. Optimized contour and balanced contact patch distribution promote premium wear performance. Continental engineers use the latest innovation in the tire industry to provide longer wear and lower rolling resistance by predicting rubber characteristics at the molecular level.

    For safety reasons, this model includes innovative groove geometry designed to guarantee minimum stone retention offering maximum casing durability, and retreadability. Wide, deep tread grooves provide high aquaplaning resistance by better water and slush dispersion from under the footprint, improving wet braking and traction performance. Due to directional tread pattern with regenerating sipe technologies the tire touches another level when it comes to traction and braking performance.

    Continental Conti Hybrid HD3 is available from 22.5 and 24.5-inch sizes with 22/32” and 27/32” deep tread designed to promote casing durability, managing road shocks, and other hazards. It is one of the best fuel-efficient drive position tire options for a wide range of commercial vehicles used in goods transportation.

    Features and benefits

    • Fuel-efficient drive position tire.

    • Six-rib design provides better road stability and better pressure distribution.

    • SmartWay tread compound achieves performance in high scrub application.

    • Available with the Conti 3G Casing.

    • Innovative groove geometry promotes additional casing durability.

    • Innovative tread grooves reduce hydroplaning risk.

    • Cutting-edge technologies improve resistance, fuel efficiency, and CO2 emissions.

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