Mickey Thompson ET DRAG

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For drag racers, the pursuit of perfection means embracing the grip and sheer power of slick tires. If you want the best performance, we recommend the Mickey Thompson ET Drag. This slick model is engineered to give you excellent results by providing maximum traction and stability. Moreover, it requires little to no burnout thanks to its advanced compound.

Primarily, the Mickey Thompson ET Drag features a smooth footprint that grants the largest contact patch with the road, thus maximizing dry traction. However, when the road is wet, these types of tires don't perform at their best, so be careful of risks like aquaplaning. The modern rubber compound warms up very quickly, ensuring the best results. It is important to mention that this model is available in a wide range of compound options such as X8, L8, M5, X5, and L6. Besides, the durable sidewalls shield the rim from impacts and combat lateral forces created at high speed.

In addition, the rounded sidewalls of the Mickey Thompson ET Drag support the vehicle's weight, giving you excellent handling on the track. What's more, the white letter design upgrades the appearance of your ride so you can win with style. The tire's tough yet lightweight bias internal construction promotes high durability against deep cuts, keeping you rolling for longer. Also, the footprint resists constant wear and tear, ensuring a longer service life without problems. Finally, this model is available on the US market in a wide range of sizes from 13" up to 16" wheel diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Amazing competition tire designed for drag racing.
  • Slick footprint provides the best contact with the surface for maximum traction.
  • Durable sidewalls shield the rim from impacts and combat lateral forces to improve handling.
  • Advanced rubber compound requires little to no burnout to perform at its best.
  • White letter sidewalls give your ride more style and combat lateral forces.

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