MINI Countryman tires

The latest Mini is not a “Mini” anymore. It has achieved another level in terms of space and features so it can be called a “Maxi-MINI”. One of the most outstanding models from the Mini lineup is the Countryman. The 2020 Mini Countryman also comes with a large variety of engines: 11 models of gasoline engines and 6 types of diesel engines coupled with manual or automatic transmission gearboxes. While the new 2023 Countryman is powered by turbocharged three or four-cylinder engines with front or all-wheel drive systems, there is also a plug-in hybrid model that is the quickest among these three configurations. Let’s get to know the best tires for this model.

Most recommended tires for Mini Countryman  

One of the most trustworthy tires for the Countryman is The Continental ContiProContact. This model aims to be one of the best all-season touring tires built for both performance and comfort. Continental uses unique ProActiveEdge Technology to provide responsive steering and stability at high speeds. The main role of the center rib groove is to offer reduced tread noise and vibrations, making the ride more comfortable. The ContiProContact is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 15 to 19-inch rim sizes, including an up to 80,000-mile tread life warranty depending on the speed rating. 

Another recommended tire for the Mini Countryman is the Goodyear Ultra Tour. This model provides a great balance between comfort and handling. By using the latest technologies, especially the dual-layer ComfortEdge sidewall, the ride comfort gets to another level. The asymmetric tread pattern enhances all-season traction and improves handling and cornering stability. The Goodyear Ultra Tour comes in 14 to 17-inch rim diameter sizes with a 70,000-mile tread life warranty.   

Yokohama is known for its revolutionary technologies used in the production of its tire models. One of the most outstanding products from Yokohama is the AVID Ascend model. Japanese engineers use oil extracted from orange peels making the products very environmentally friendly. The role of 3D adaptive sipes is to produce more nipping edges for damp and winter grip. Yokohama is available in sizes starting from 15 to 19” rim diameter, backed by an 85,000-mile tread life warranty.


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