Volvo XC60 tires

Volvo XC 60 is a compact luxury crossover manufactured and marketed by the Swedish automaker itself. Volvo owners enjoy a lovely and spacious interior, a lot of standard safety features and great fuel economy. Since its launch, the XC 60 has been one of the most popular and wanted models from the Volvo lineup. The selling point is somewhere between 25,000-35,000 units yearly.  

Most recommended tires for Volvo XC 60

One of the most suitable tires for XC 60 is the Continental CrossContact LX20. This model is considered one of the most trustworthy tire options in terms of grip, braking power and acceleration performance. Due to the latest technologies used in production, road noise and ride quality has been massively improved. It ensures long mileage and a high level of driving comfort. Also, Continental CrossContact LX20 backs the customer with a 70,000-mile tread warranty.    

When it comes to passenger safety, the most recommended tire for XC 60 is Continental Premium Contact 6. This model ensures perfect grip and responsive handling in any situation. Due to the wide contact area and the latest technologies used by German engineers, the braking distances become shorter, the ride more comfortable, and the handling responsive. Continental Premium Contact 6 is produced in many sizes with 16 to 21 inches rim diameters.   

If you are looking for the best tire produced by Michelin, you should keep in mind that the Michelin Latitude Tour is a superb option for the Volvo XC 60. The Latitude Tour has been designed especially for pickups, crossovers, and light trucks. It offers the best all season performance, high comfort, and also good fuel efficiency. This model provides a lower rolling resistance for maximum fuel efficiency and a lasting lifespan. Michelin Latitude Tour is present on the market starting from 16 to 19 inches with a 65,000-mile tread warranty.   

Find the right tires for your Volvo XC60.

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